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  • Time: 2016 - 01 - 13
    Duna White/Italy WhiteStar white marble also calls Italian white marble, it is the white stone material that just appears in recent years. The plasmids are watery, pure and transparent with straight lines. Can say the nova that is white stone material, from roll out to popular use cycle is very short, development is very swift and violent. High quality, its advantages of weathering, not easy to corrosion, durable, beautiful, natural harmony is suitable for the resort, tourist attractions, hotels, office buildings, Banks, squares, gardens, villas and other buildings decoration. The feeling afte...
  • Time: 2016 - 01 - 13
    Chinese name: China coffeeAs an English name, Chinese EmperadorPlace of production: jiangxiColor: brownLithology: domestic marbleBrown nets - natural marble plank for high surface decoration materials, mainly used in architectural decoration of high grade buildings, such as used as memorial building, hotel, exhibition halls, theaters, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations, indoor metope of large public buildings, the place such as cylinder, floor, stair step facing material can also be used in the stair rail, desk, front, dado, window sill, skirting boardCompressive strength: 166.5mpaF...
  • Time: 2016 - 01 - 13
    White JadeStraight and striped white jade is one of the most popular stones in jade. It is not as showy as other jades and is limited to local use. White is taking the deposit of golden yellow inside, the stripe grain of bedding face law, make it can bedding face adornment and do not appear hyperbole. The high-end jade style makes its projects as luxurious as a palace. One or two streaks across a block of jade are common, but such large, regular streaks are rare. Structured, texture patchwork like blue sky and white clouds, more like the waves of undulating water. Smooth to the touch, bright a...
  • Time: 2016 - 01 - 13
    Natural marble plate for high finishing materials, mainly used in architectural decoration of high grade buildings, such as used as memorial building, hotel, exhibition halls, theaters, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations, large public buildings, indoor metope, the place such as cylinder, floor, stair step facing material can also be used in stair railing, desk, front, dado, window sill, skirting board, etc. Our company has a long-term and stable cooperation with Turkish mines, which can help ensure the quality of stone and market demand.
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Stone circles are ruined by the WeChat community

Time: 2019-04-15
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These few days newly built stone material group is not peaceful, kicked a few to send advertisement for a long time after stubborn advocate, some people are not willing, come out 'fight injustice', the effect is group manager too arrogant and domineering, this also does not let do, that also does not let do, that still builds a group to do what?

Listen to these words, group manager grievance, hard work to maintain order within the group for what? In order to create a good communication environment, the flood of advertising will kill a group, in the end, no one see any information sent within the group, then what is the use of your advertising? The best advertising is to talk about the product will be passed, the best marketing is to write their own products in the group name, and then enthusiastic to answer questions raised by everyone, even if it is a simple greeting line.

The following article is well written and is recommended, especially for those who do not want to be bound by group regulation.

'A few days ago a friend WeChat stone circle do big plate to contact me, said he make some stone can help customer to group or pulled him to the other stone group to pull people, want to in the form of WeChat community to promote the setting wall of his product, of course I didn't refuse, then open my another dusty WeChat marketing, group of name card push to dozens of stone WeChat group, finish this thing, I look at the purpose of stone WeChat groups, group in addition to the ads or stone stone and some have been spoiled: loan ads, wechat business advertising, lottery, and so on.

They say pigs can fly in the wind. Ever since the rise of the Internet in China in the 1990s, there have been a lot of hot issues. From the web to the package, the raise, to the fans, sharing economy, after 20 years of strong evolution, and a let a person cannot ignore 'draught' conveniently, it is community economy, bearing the weight of the express, the rapid rise of 'Internet +', the strength of the community is life bit by bit permeate every nationality including stone circle, especially WeChat community economic volume is huge, to watch the wechat business give us create myth, just stone circle WeChat community in recent years has been playing bad, can't fly, or falling too fast.'

My understanding of the WeChat community of stone circles

Birds of a feather flock together. A community is simply a group. For example, we can see that a community is a chain of social relationships, not just pulling a group together but bringing people together based on a single point, need and hobby. I think such a group is a community. What about the WeChat community in the stone industry? By WeChat group aggregation trader's stone industry groups and its surrounding industrial chain extended out, but it can be more advanced stone entrepreneur group, is a relationship between the stone material of network, its purpose is based on stone business, management, research and development, transportation, business models, such as exchange communication, then a direct or indirect economic value.

Stone circle WeChat community of environmental status

From the early friends to the offline salon to the current Internet community, from the establishment of QQ group to WeChat group, as a senior planner, I am deeply impressed. So who do stone circle WeChat community? Roughly, there are the following: trade type stone enterprises, market type stone enterprises, platform type stone enterprises, stone media type, personal sales type, middleman type stone circle WeChat community. At the beginning of the release of stone mines, waste materials, large plate of some supply and demand information effect is ok, at least some enterprises or from the WeChat community economy to obtain a certain rate of conversion. However, due to the lack of management and the excessive demand without relevant value output, the WeChat community in the stone circle collapsed, resulting in the dirty, messy and poor WeChat community in the stone circle.

I do not know when, the feeling has changed, stone circle WeChat community become more and more impetuous. Now chatting with a media a great god, said last night that stone seems to be in a state of the hi, mostly in WeChat group since said that since the words from an advertisement, and it is bombing, the key is mostly such WeChat group is the polished stone suppliers, only a handful of several stone enterprises can aggregate stone buyers, whether it's group is based on what purpose was built, and are now ineffective advertising group, so again after see the group chat logs, I persuade me the other day to pull people into stone group of friends: don't be silly.

Re-cognize WeChat community value of stone circle

Stone circle WeChat community sports, more like a spheres of anyone who own the precision and cohesive community, have the ability to dictate to sifang governors, so as to have the tenacious vitality and strength to enhance brand and sales force, can put the stone enterprises for people with requirements of information push and let him believe what you said. It can be understood that the stone community is a microeconomy, so the microeconomy becomes active, and naturally becomes an important force driving the economic normality of the stone industry. In such an environment, if who do a good job in the stone community, it will be more than a business to bring direct or indirect cash skills, I think the stone circle WeChat community is still valuable, see how you do.

Some thoughts on WeChat community operation of stone circle

Community is the best service delivered by the Internet. The most important thing for WeChat community in stone circle is to have the same values and two-way interactive sense of value identity, so that the community will continue to grow. From one group to another, groups will synchronize information and interact with each other, thus breaking the information island. With the continuous expansion of community capacity and system, I have summarized several key points for the operation of stone community:

1 positioning of WeChat group in stone industry: supply, purchase, logistics, process, occupation, resources and so on

2. Continue to output knowledge of stone materials with attitude to gather popularity and resonance

3. Manage and maintain the order and communication environment of the community (advertisement release)

4. Organize activities on a regular basis to generate large-scale interaction in the community and help members get feedback on their value.

5. Benefit from sharing and make the community more lasting through sharing and mutual benefit. Each stone person is a gainer and a contributor in the community to create a good atmosphere in the group.

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