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  • Time: 2016 - 01 - 13
    Duna White/Italy WhiteStar white marble also calls Italian white marble, it is the white stone material that just appears in recent years. The plasmids are watery, pure and transparent with straight lines. Can say the nova that is white stone material, from roll out to popular use cycle is very short, development is very swift and violent. High quality, its advantages of weathering, not easy to corrosion, durable, beautiful, natural harmony is suitable for the resort, tourist attractions, hotels, office buildings, Banks, squares, gardens, villas and other buildings decoration. The feeling afte...
  • Time: 2016 - 01 - 13
    Chinese name: China coffeeAs an English name, Chinese EmperadorPlace of production: jiangxiColor: brownLithology: domestic marbleBrown nets - natural marble plank for high surface decoration materials, mainly used in architectural decoration of high grade buildings, such as used as memorial building, hotel, exhibition halls, theaters, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations, indoor metope of large public buildings, the place such as cylinder, floor, stair step facing material can also be used in the stair rail, desk, front, dado, window sill, skirting boardCompressive strength: 166.5mpaF...
  • Time: 2016 - 01 - 13
    White JadeStraight and striped white jade is one of the most popular stones in jade. It is not as showy as other jades and is limited to local use. White is taking the deposit of golden yellow inside, the stripe grain of bedding face law, make it can bedding face adornment and do not appear hyperbole. The high-end jade style makes its projects as luxurious as a palace. One or two streaks across a block of jade are common, but such large, regular streaks are rare. Structured, texture patchwork like blue sky and white clouds, more like the waves of undulating water. Smooth to the touch, bright a...
  • Time: 2016 - 01 - 13
    Natural marble plate for high finishing materials, mainly used in architectural decoration of high grade buildings, such as used as memorial building, hotel, exhibition halls, theaters, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations, large public buildings, indoor metope, the place such as cylinder, floor, stair step facing material can also be used in stair railing, desk, front, dado, window sill, skirting board, etc. Our company has a long-term and stable cooperation with Turkish mines, which can help ensure the quality of stone and market demand.
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Development and reform commission announces newly: stone material, man-made stone belongs to encoura

Time: 2019-04-15
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Recently, the official website of the national development and reform commission (NDRC) published the catalogue of guidance for industrial restructuring (the draft version of 2019). Existing industries, production capacity and products are divided into three categories: encouragement, restriction and elimination. Among them, 26 encouragement items, 12 restriction items and 25 elimination items were marked in the fields related to the construction industry.

The direction of the industry often grasp! Small make up here sorted out the relevant content of the construction industry, for the reference of the industry.

The encouraged category mainly refers to the technologies, equipment, products and industries that play an important role in promoting economic and social development and are conducive to meeting people's needs for a better life and promoting high-quality development.

The restriction category is mainly backward technology, which does not meet the requirements for industry access and relevant regulations. It is prohibited to build or expand new production capacity, technology, equipment and products that need to be supervised and improved.

Elimination mainly refers to the outdated technologies, technologies, equipment and products that do not comply with relevant laws and regulations, do not meet the conditions for safe production, seriously waste resources and pollute the environment.



1. Research and development and promotion of building seismic isolation structure system and products

2. Research on manufacturing and integration technology of intelligent building products and equipment

3. Central heating system measurement and control technology, product research and development and promotion

4. Application of high strength and high performance structural materials and systems

5. Integrated building of solar thermal utilization and photovoltaic power generation application

6. Research and development and promotion of advanced and applicable building technologies, products and residential parts

7. Research and development and promotion of steel structure residential integrated system and technology

8. Research and development and promotion of energy-saving building, green building, prefabricated building technology and products

9. Promotion of factory full decoration technology

10. Development and application of mobile emergency domestic water supply system

11. Development and application of building information modeling (BIM) related technologies

Research and development and engineering application of seismic reinforcement technology for existing buildings

13. Research and development and promotion of green building technology system of prefabricated steel structure

Building materials


1. Parts of building materials suitable for prefabricated buildings; Low-cost phase change energy storage wall materials and wall components; Rock wool composite products/parts; Aerogel energy saving material; Waterproof, grade A flame-retardant thermal insulation products, composite vacuum thermal insulation materials for construction, composite plates with integrated functions of thermal insulation and decoration, long-life waterproof, anti-corrosion and flame retardant integrated materials for Bridges, tunnels, underground pipe corridors, island facilities and Marine facilities, waterproof materials for spraying construction; Functional decoration materials and products, green aldehyde-free artificial board and green building materials such as sintered permeable brick for road surface, sintered permeable brick for square, sintered decorative brick, sintered ecological brick for slope protection, sintered hydraulic ecological brick, etc

2. Coordinated disposal of waste with new dry cement kilns of no less than 2000 tons/day (inclusive) or new sintered brick and tile production lines of no less than 60 million pieces/year (inclusive); Research and development and application of new dry cement kiln special cement technology and product; Research and development and application of new static clinker calcining technology; Research and development and application of new dry cement kiln alternative fuel technology; Development and application of cement admixtures; Energy saving reform of grinding system (cement vertical grinding, final grinding of raw material roller press, etc.); Development and application of automatic bagging machine, packing machine and loading machine for cement packaging

3. Development and application of Marine engineering concrete, lightweight high-strength concrete, ultra-high performance concrete and self-repairing concrete materials; The main production areas, such as the storage area, the mixing building of the main engine and the material conveying system, are completely closed, equipped with active dust collection and dust removal equipment, and operated and managed by the information integrated management system. The intelligent premix concrete production line is equipped with the capacity to absorb urban solid waste

4. Production lines of floating method, overflow lower rafa method and notch downward guiding method with a scale of less than 150 tons/day (inclusive); Development and application of ultra-thin touch glass substrate (thickness 0.7mm), high-alumina glass substrate, high-generation display panel glass substrate, high-borosilicate glass and other products and technologies for electronic information industry; Research and application of energy-saving low-nox combustion technology in float glass melting furnace; Glass melting furnace with low thermal conductivity cast zirconium corundum, long life (12 years or more) without chromium basic refractory high-grade materials; Continuous automatic vacuum glass production line.

5. Bon-free and fluorine-free glass fiber, low dielectric glass fiber, ultra-fine electronic glass fiber, electronic cloth thickness 100 m, degradable medical glass fiber, high-strength high-model glass fiber and other high-performance glass fiber and product processing technology; Basalt fiber, silicon carbide fiber; Transportation, energy, construction, Internet of things, thermoplastic and thermosetting composite material products for animal husbandry and its high-efficiency molding preparation technology and equipment; Technology and equipment for remanufacturing and comprehensive utilization of resin matrix composites

6. Development and application of clean coal-to-gas production technology for ceramic centralized pulverization and ceramic park; Development and application of ceramic plate production line and process equipment technology with a single block area larger than 1.62 square meters (including); Development and application of production line and process equipment technology of light foaming ceramic partition board and heat preservation board produced from tailings and wastes

7. Fine ceramic powder and ceramic substrate, precision shaped ceramic ball and other parts; Ceramic film, ceramic insulation parts, honeycomb ceramics; Ceramic fiber and its reinforced composite; Medical ceramic materials and components; Electronic ceramic materials; Ceramic ink material; Consumer electronic ceramics; It is suitable for the development and application of industrial ceramic technology such as additive manufacturing ceramic materials

8. Development and production of new technology and new products of asbestos-free friction and sealing materials using synthetic mineral fiber and aramid fiber as reinforcing materials

93,000 square meters/year (including) above ultra-thin composite stone production; Mechanized stone mining; The comprehensive utilization production and technological equipment development of ore scrap, plate scrap and stone powder

10. Use secondary resources such as mine tailings, construction waste, industrial waste, river and lake (canal) sludge and agricultural and forest residues to produce building materials and develop technological equipment

11. Production and application development of graphene materials

12 inorganic artificial stone production, the use of non-toxic or low-toxic resin resin based artificial stone production

13. Development and application of building material quality traceability system for engineering or equipment


New dry cement production line with clinker below 1.2000 tons/day (excluding special cement production line), cement grinding station below 600 thousand tons/year (excluding)

21.5 million square meters/year or less of building ceramic production line

The production line of sanitary ceramics for tunnel kilns with an annual output less than 36,000 pieces (excluding)

43,000 square meters/year (excluding) below the paper gypsum board production line (except Tibet)

5. Alkali glass fiber pool kiln wire drawing production line with single kiln scale less than 30,000 tons/year (excluding); Annual output of 10 thousand tons (excluding) below the size of the alkali glass fiber fully electric melting furnace wire drawing production line; Non-alkali glass fiber roving kiln wire drawing production line with single kiln scale less than 80,000 tons/year (excluding); Glass kiln production line; Glass fiber instead of platinum crucible wire drawing production line

6. Clay hollow brick production line (except shaanxi, qinghai, gansu, xinjiang, Tibet and ningxia)

Below 71500 square meters/year (excluding) gypsum (hollow) block production line, single class 50000 cubic meters per year (not including) the following concrete small hollow block as well as a single class of 150000 square meters/year (not including) the following concrete paving brick fixed line, 50000 cubic meters per year (not including) the following artificial lightweight aggregate (haydite) production line

81,500 cubic meters/year (excluding) less than the aerated concrete production line

Production line of sintered brick and sintered hollow block below 96000 standard bricks/year (excluding)

10.20000 tons/year below rock (mineral) cotton products production line and 8000 tons/year below glass cotton products production line

Centrifugal pile production line of prestressed high strength concrete at or below 11,100 m/year

12. Prestressed steel cylinder concrete pipe (abbreviated as PCCW pipe) production line: PCCW p-l type: annual design production capacity 50 km, PCCW p-e type: annual design production capacity 30 km

Out class

Refers to the national industrial policy has been explicitly eliminated or immediately eliminated.

Backward production process equipment:

1. Dry method hollow kiln (except for the production of aluminate cement and other special cement), cement machine vertical kiln, libo kiln and wet kiln

2. Cement grinding equipment with diameter less than 3 meters (excluding) (except for special cement production)

3. Production line of plastic-braided cement packing bag without laminating film

4. Flat glass production line for flatting process (including lattice method, except for the production of ultra-thin glass for non-building materials by lattice method)

Production line for building ceramic tiles with an annual area of 51,000m2 (excluding) and sanitary ceramics with an annual area of 200,000m2 (excluding)

6. Architectural sanitary ceramic kiln, sagger kiln, sagger kiln, sagger kiln

7. Friction press for building ceramic bricks

8. Production technology and equipment of glass fiber ceramic crucible wire drawing

91,000 square meters/year (excluding) below the paper gypsum board production line

The production line of modified asphalt waterproof rolling material with an annual area of less than 105 thousand square meters; 5 million square meters/year under the asphalt compound tire flexible waterproof rolling material production line; Production line of asphalt paper felt with less than 1 million rolls/year

Lime earth vertical kiln

12. Brick and tile wheel kilns, vertical kilns, wheelless kilns, horseshoe kilns and other earth kilns

13. Ordinary brick extruder

14. Sj1580-3000 double-axis and single-axis brick making mixing machine, sqp400500-700500 double-roller crusher, 1000 type ordinary slitting machine, rotary brick press under 100 tons

15. Hand-made wallboard production line, simple movable concrete block forming machine, attached vibration forming table

16. Fixed concrete block moulding machine with single shift of less than 10,000 cubic meters/year, and fixed concrete floor tile moulding machine with single shift of less than 100,000 square meters/year

17. Manual casting, non-mechanical molding gypsum (hollow) block production process

18. Vacuum compression method and one-step air refining quartz glass production process equipment, 6 600 tons of six-sided top small press to produce artificial diamond

19. Manual cutting aerated concrete production line, non-autoclaved curing aerated concrete production line, non-sintered and non-autoclaved fly ash brick production line

Backward products:

1. Glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) hollow slabs made with non-alkali resistant glass fiber or non-low-alkali cement

2. Ceramic crucible wire-drawing glass fiber and products and its reinforced plastic (glass fiber reinforced plastic) products

3.25a hollow steel window

4.S-2 type concrete sleeper

5. Amphibole asbestos (i.e. blue asbestos)

6. Non-mechanical hollow glass, double-layer and double-frame doors and Windows and single-cavity structural plastic doors and Windows

7. Polyethylene and polypropylene fiber composite waterproof rolling materials and polyethylene and polypropylene fiber composite waterproof rolling materials (polyethylene core material thickness less than 0.5mm) produced by the composite molding process of secondary heating; Cotton-polyester glass fiber (high alkali) mesh composite matrix material, polyvinyl chloride waterproof rolling material (type S)

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